Ronen Divon, the principal behind Dreams Architect, had been an online innovator since 1995. His first web development company, NYC-based Yard Productions, pioneered real-time and on-demand video broadcasting on the internet. 

Over the years Ronen created, assisted in development, and built tens of thousands of web-based projects. Clients include small, medium and large-size businesses. 

Moving from New York to North Carolina in 2015, Ronen continues to assist business owners fulfill their dreams by creating an enhanced online presence. Ronen is a natural connector and enjoys helping others. He is very friendly and approachable. Contact him today! 

There is a time for do-it-yourself and a time to hire a professional. I wanted the creation of my first website to be a task where I had total control over the look and feel, but none of the headaches. Ronen’s team at Dreams Architect made this balance possible. They were the perfect fit for me. I will recommend Dreams Architect in the future.
— Matt Yablunosky, Owner, RetainRevenue LLC